Top 10 ERP requirements for Process Manufacturers

If you’re a process manufacturer thinking of investing in a new business solution, due to your industry best practices and regulatory needs, you will have a list of critical requirements as listed below:

  1. Batch traceability – simple and easy to use forward and backward tracking to understand and answer all your batch related questions
  2. Batch date control – shelf life, expiry date, consume by and inspection dates to reduce stock write-offs, obsolescence and increase business profits
  3. Quality control management – manage production in-process, re-test and goods receipt movements of inventory to increase product quality and safety
  4. Flexible recipe and formulas – the flexibility to define quantity relationships, percentage weight based recipes or dimension based formulas to define your products, rather than using a traditional engineering bill of materials methodology
  5. Co-Product, by-product and scrap management – to manage product variation as a result of the production process
  6. Product costing – accurately cost your products, based on the inputs and outputs of the production process, which include yield, scrap, batch size, materials, resources, fixed and variable overheads
  7. Complaint management – centralize customers, supplier and internal business complaints into your ERP system, for analysis and business process integration to product returns, financial credits and quality processes
  8. Scheduling – to improve on-time delivery to customers, production visibility and increase factory resource utilization and productivity
  9. Data Collection – increase the accuracy of collecting data from the factory floor, warehouse inventory movements and implement process control and fail safe processes to reduce errors such as cross contamination
  10. MSDS – define and record MSDS details against your products to meet industry regulations


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