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As SAP has done before us, CompuTec S.A. works with a global network of partners who distribute and implement our products outside of Poland. Implementing SAP Business One and our in-house products in Poland it was very clear to us just how important it is to have a real understanding of the local business culture, regulations and market that our customers were operating in. We had had a really positive experience ourselves working as a SAP partner so we decided to follow suit. We now have 100 partners and counting who have implemented ProcessForce and our other solutions from Finland to Fiji.



Our strategy at Signum has been to focus on food and beverage, chemicals, foodservice and wholesale vertical markets. Focusing on the food and beverage sector, where we already had a good base of foodservice customers, meant that we started to see an increasing number of enquiries in the food manufacturing sector. As we started to explore the available solutions, it became apparent that ProcessForce was, and still is, the only solution on the market that offers the detailed functionalities required by the industry whilst being both a solution that is native to SAP Business One and easy to implement and use.



Lindsay Pointon
Managing Director of Signum Solutions


So what is it like to be a CompuTec partner? We decided to ask our partners themselves. Watch our reference videos to find out what they think about working with us and our products. You can find additional reference videos on our YouTube Channel.


Meet InnoTech, whose wealth of experience with our solutions has seen them designated as CompuTec Competence Centre in Italy

SAP SMB Innovation Summit
CompuTec CEO, Lukasz Chomin, introduces HoloLab and we chat to CompuTec partners B1 Systems, SYS-DAT and Signum Solutions

Signum Solutions
Signum Solutions Managing Director, Lindsay Pointon, talks about his company's cooperation with CompuTec

Eric Lonqueux, Viseo's Director for International Development, shares his company's experiences of working with CompuTec


We are fairly picky about which solutions we offer our customers because working with anything less than the best tends to lead to more trouble than it is worth. We chose ProcessForce because it is a seriously rich solution. You can find just about any functionality you can think of for manufacturing in it. The incredibly useful scheduling module, extensive quality control management features and improved structure for the production process are all highly praised by our customers.


As for working with CompuTec as a partner, one of the most striking things is their product innovation. They follow all the latest developments in SAP very, very closely. Whenever SAP Business One takes a step forward, we are secure in the knowledge that CompuTec will produce the right solution for these advances within a very short time frame. This really instills confidence in our customers that they are buying a product that will serve them well into the future.


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Halim Mahdi
Managing Director, Innov Business Services

CompuTec Global Partner Network