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The proof is in the happy customer

Being customer focused is the only way we can move forward as a company. We need to know what our customers need and the only way we can know those things is by harvesting a close working relationship with them. When you are working with producers of everything from fire-proofing sprays to gourmet dog biscuits one-size definitely does not fit all and so we have been tailoring our solutions to our customers’ requirements for years now. Some of these companies have been so kind as to collaborate with us on these short films to give you a little insight into the fruits of our and their labour.

William Clark
William Clark has been producing textiles for 300 years and now ProcessForce has become a part of their long, rich story.

Schnug Logistics Group
The CEO of Schnug Logistics Group tells us how CompuTec WMS helps him run his distribution center better.

Italian pigment manufacturer, Mifar, tells us about their SAP Business One and CompuTec ProcessForce success story.

HPW Fresh and Dry Ltd.
We travelled to Ghana to see how this dried fruit producer was getting on with CompuTec ProcessForce up and running in their company.