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An increasing world population and an expanding middle class, especially in emerging economies, means that there are more of us in the human race with more disposable income than ever before. The opportunities for businesses in our global market definitely exist but on the other hand increasing regulations, more competition and pressure from consumers to deliver quality, relevant products quickly (even within hours) mean that maintaining profitability is not always easy for manufacturers. So how can you reconcile all these conflicting factors? We strongly believe that the answer lies in digitalization and having the right ERP system.

We know from our own experience that SAP Business One is a great asset for any SME and we have, indeed, implemented it in all kinds of organisations. On the other hand our in-house products are designed specifically for advanced manufacturers and we are fairly confident that they would suit almost any advanced manufacturing business. However, over the years eight core client groups have emerged and we feel we have developed a special level of expertise in these areas. If your company falls into any of these categories or a related industry, you can find out below exactly how our products can help you conquer the challenges of your particular vertical.