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CompuTec Solutions

  • Work as an integral part of SAP Business One on-premise or in the cloud
  • Consolidate all your data about customers, products, suppliers, resources, inventory and processes into one single database ensuring enterprise-wide data accuracy and consistency
  • Eliminate the need to use multiple spreadsheets, accounting software, bespoke software etc.
  • Full auditability of processes and inventory even at a moment’s notice
  • Flexible enough to implement change rapidly even in dynamic industries
  • Extensive customization options so you can continue to do business in the way you know works for your company
  • Reduce time spent on manual processes and record-keeping
  • Facilitate on-time delivery and minimize unplanned downtime and outages
  • Minimize the potential for human error
  • Operate in real-time
  • Insight into where you are running efficiently and where there is room for improvement
  • Fully scalable to up to 500 concurrent users to support your organization’s growth
  • Streamlined workflow, data transparency and planning tools mean you can process a larger, more complex orders and fulfill your business’s potential while reducing risk

Most of our products came about because there was a gap between what our customers needed and what was already on offer and this is still our modus operandi. We want to provide not what we, as a software developer, “think” our customers need, but what they actually need. Using our experience across a broad spectrum of industries, we have developed our software, with what we consider to be a deep understanding of how our customers operate, but still, every company is different and in those cases where it is needed we are able to tailor our products to accommodate  a client’s particular requirements.