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CompuTec S.A. was actually started back in 1999 as an IT service company in the small town of Swiebodzin in western Poland by a young local entrepreneur, Lukasz Chomin.  As the business grew, he found there was a need for better organization and data management in his company. That’s how he came across SAP Business One and, in fact, we were one of the first companies in the world to implement it in 2003. Using it in his own company, Lukasz saw the enormous potential SAP Business One had and how it could help other companies like his. We became an SAP Partner in 2006 and received Gold Partner status in 2009. After noticing some of the limitations of SAP Business One for some of our customers, particularly process manufacturers, we started developing our own add-on products. We set out to still take advantage of the fantastic foundation that SAP Business One provides while expanding on that to offer a range of products that would encompass all of the complex needs of advanced manufacturing.

Numerous awards for innovation soon ensued. We are currently the most awarded SAP Partner in Central and Eastern Europe.  We now have customers in 60 countries on 5 continents, over 100 partners who sell and implement our products outside of Poland and we are extremely proud to count ourselves among the most important partners worldwide as members of GPEC + SPC (SAP Global and Solution Partners Executive Council).
Now we have helped hundreds of companies, who are in a similar position to the one we were once in, implement their own ERP system. It is because of our depth of experience, not only as a SAP partner, but also as a growing company that once desperately needed an ERP system, that we feel we can offer something extra when it comes to knowledge, competence and above all understanding of our customer’s needs.

Our Philosophy


We recognize that as our customers and their markets evolve and grow, we have to be ready to support them on that journey into the future. That’s why it is imperative for us to make sure our products are forward-looking and we are constantly searching for new, innovative ways to make our products worthy of the market-leading companies that use them.


Driven by the goals and preferences particular to our customers, our vertical strategy came about by us wanting to exploit our deep knowledge and experience in certain areas. By focusing on specific market sectors (production, retail, services and warehousing and distribution), we put ourselves in a unique position to cater successfully to each client’s needs.


The spirit of working in partnership with other enterprises is absolutely key to our success. Our partnership with SAP has given us the foundation from which we build our products and at the other end, our global partner network delivers our IT solutions worldwide. But a third aspect of partnership in our business philosophy is working in partnership with our customers, listening to them and taking their feedback to heart, and then doing something about it.



While we work in a climate of innovation, expertise and partnership, our main goal is really to improve the competitiveness of our customers. To us, achieving that is the basic indicator of if we are doing things right or not. However, we are not in an industry where you can make a great product and then sit back and rest on your laurels. A tireless hunger for new ideas, led by our managing director and supported by constant research and analysis, is the very lifeblood of our organization and of course is the basis for the modules and additions to SAP Business One that we have created including project manufacturing solutions, a warehouse management system and even a dealership network. As well as a focus on expanding the capabilities of our current offer, we look to add the very latest in technology to our repertoire. Our innovative investigations into the use of augmented reality during the manufacturing process is just one example of this.

Vision and mission

We know our customers often face immensely complex organizational challenges. We understand that the pressures on them from the market and regulatory bodies can be incessant. Implementing an ERP system is a big step and we are aware that some of our customers have experienced bad IT investments in the past. Our primary goal is to offer a transparent, reliable, user-friendly solution that is comprehensive and complex enough to cope with the demands placed on our customers. We want them to be in complete control of their organization, become more competitive, more effective, maximize their ROI and we see it as our job to provide them with a tool to achieve all this.




CompuTec team

Our Team

We like to think that our team of experienced IT staff is just about as good as it gets. Experts in their respective fields as well as in SAP implementation, they are the backbone of our company. They are supported by a passionate and energetic administrative and management team who keep everything running smoothly behind the scenes. Besides IT, there is a passion for sport throughout the company and as such CompuTec S.A. sponsors the MTB CompuTec Cycling Team which has achieved various successes in the Lubusz Voivoidship. To support the local sporting culture and to encourage team building skills in the youngest generation, we recently decided to sponsor the local under 7’s football team, Pogon Swiebodzin too. We are keeping our fingers crossed for a good season for the boys.



We have come a long way since the beginning. Since we started out we’ve received awards for everything from innovation to implementation methodology to our general business activity. We have added new products, improved our sales, signed contracts all over the world and our team is getting bigger all the time but in all honesty the thing that still means the most is when a customer has been “Live” for a while and they come back to us and say “Thanks CompuTec. Because of your solutions, my business is better run, more competitive and more profitable.”

2021 nagroda 2021 color nagroda 2021 mono

The official launch of our Cloud solutions for SAP Business One and the CompuTec Solution Suite.

2020 nagroda 2020 color nagroda 2020 mono

CompuTec becomes one of the first SSPs in the world to be SAP Business One 10 compatible

2019 nagroda 2019 color nagroda 2019 mono

The launch of CompuTec AppEngine, CompuTec’s own API platform, signals a new era for development, customization and integration

2018 nagroda 2018 color nagroda 2018 mono

ProcessForce goes “live” on 6 continents with the addition of our first South American customer

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CompuTec Labels arrives on the market

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CompuTec WMS product launch

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Global SSP Awards – Industry Solution Excellence Award

2012 nagroda 2012 color nagroda 2012 mono

Best Partner in Poland – Innovation, the largest number of references, SAP HANA

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First ProcessForce customer goes live

2009 nagroda 2009 color nagroda 2009 mono

Gold Partner Status

2006 nagroda 2006 color nagroda 2006 mono

Partnership with SAP

2003 nagroda 2003 color nagroda 2003 mono

CompuTec starts using SAP Business One as a customer

CompuTec Global Partner Network