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Do you have prospects and/or customers that need a solution for SAP Business One which addresses the needs of advanced manufacturers? Then ProcessForce might be just what you are looking for. We are currently expanding our Global Partner Network and would be glad to hear from companies who would like to work with us.



The Italian market was just waiting for a solution like ProcessForce to come along. We did take a number of other solutions into account but we found ProcessForce fitted perfectly into the space in the market in the manufacturing industries that are most important to us (i.e. food and beverage, chemicals and pharmaceuticals) and that there was nothing else quite like it available. We firmly believe that it is the most suited solution to advanced manufacturers that is in existence today. 


Mario Barone
CEO of Run Time Solutions



You can read about our existing partners and their experiences here.

What we offer:

  • The right to distribute, what we believe are, the best SAP Business One solutions for advanced manufacturing on the market
  • Demonstration software
  • Sale, Pre-sales and marketing support
  • 40 hours of remote products training via WebEx
  • Any unconsumed time can be used as consulting services for implementations
  • On-site training can be arranged if required
  • Access to our Partner Portal, which includes documentation, software downloads, self-help and educational videos and training materials
  • Access to our Support Portal for raising support tickets
  • Lead assignment

What we expect:

  • Ideally you have experience implementing SAP Business One
  • A professional and energetic approach to customers
  • Relaying of constructive feedback from your customers so that we can continue to add useful and effective functionalities to our product range
  • Regular participation in reporting and forecasting
  • Participation in annual business reviews



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SAP Business One is the cornerstone of our strategy for SME and large enterprise subsidiaries, and we have a strong industry focus on cosmetics, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and agribusiness to name just a few. Engaging with CompuTec has been a significant step forward in bringing additional value to our customers and helping them inject state-of-the-art IT solutions into their business processes.



Eric Lonqueux
Director of International Business Development


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