Customer complaints, the starting point for customer recalls

What’s the starting point of a product recall, bad press, regulatory body such as the FDA, end customer or distributor? Maybe your performing a product recall simulation to test you procedures? Normally it starts in the form of a complaint !. How do you track these today, offline database, post-its, or via Microsoft Excel?, Are complaints part of your core ERP system ?

With the ProcessForce complaint management solution , complaints are managed as part of your core business processes, and provide a wealth of data that can be captured in a structured manner, analyzed and actioned upon. Creating the foundation for generating internal actions, audits, implement process improvement programs to increase levels of customer and vendor service.

Why ‘Wealth’, well having feedback from customers is the greatest source of information to determine how well an organization is performing, its level of service, quality of products and creating the potential for offering new services and products thus increasing revenues and customer life time value.

An example, a customer has an issue with a product, the complaint is logged, the user performs a batch trace and an action plan created. The customer returns a product sample to be reviewed, the sample is tracked and on receipt is analyzed. The analysis results in a quality control test, the test fails and the company decides to start a batch recall procedure.


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