The challenge of managing multiple production outputs

Depending on the production process or the materials being used or produced, from a single production order multiple products can be produced as part of the product process or at the end of the process. Industry examples include

  • A single mould produces a left and a right hand part – Plastic Injection Moulding
  • The extruded material creates flash – Plastic Extrusion process
  • Cutting onions creates slices and skins – Fresh foods
  • Pouring molten metal produces steel bars and slag – Milling products
  • Processing whole chickens, creates chicken wings, thighs, breast, etc – Food processing
  • Grading wheat products, crates grade A, B and C – Food packaging

This type of ERP functionality is sometimes called ‘V’ shaped bills – i.e. can make many items from a single or a few materials or ¬†known as a “disassembly” bom.

ProcessForce manages this type of production, by:-

  • Allowing the user to define CoProducts, ByProducts and Scrap within the product structure
  • Link the production outputs to specific manufacturing processes (operations)
  • Record each as a separate transaction within the manufacturing order (in-process) or as a single transaction
  • Cost Calculation for all material types

Top 10 ERP requirements for Process Manufacturers
Managing scrap, yield and other factors