New to CompuTec PDC 3.93.15 (3.10.6)

Both the standard and plugin versions of CompuTec PDC 3.93.15/3.10.6 are now available for download on our portal. This version includes two significant improvements which are as follows.

Register work time for subcontracting resources

Several customers brought to our attention the fact that some of their subcontracting work was actually being carried out on their own resources on their business premises and it would be, for one reason or another, advantageous to them to be able to record work time for the subcontracting work.

One example of why this might be required, is if a manufacturer has to employ subcontractors to supplement their permanent staff during busy periods. One customer in particular wanted to be able to assess subcontractor performance by being able to compare planned work time to actual work time. Of course, subcontracting work also has some effect on production costs as well.

Downtime information displayed when adding tasks

This new feature is intended to provide users with more clarity when adding tasks based on Manufacturing Orders. If a resource is currently in downtime, information to that effect is displayed when the user selects the resource the task is to be performed on. The user will still be able to select resources that are currently in downtime but it will only be possible to start the task when downtime is finished.


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