Document Signatures in CompuTec WMS

In the latest version of CompuTec WMS, we’ve added the ability to add signatures to a number of CompuTec WMS documents.

You can easily customize for which documents signature records will be kept and you can choose whether a signature is required for the document to be saved or if a signature can be recorded optionally.



When document signatures are enabled an icon, as marked below, allows you record the signature.


By selecting the Add Signature icon, you will be taken to the following screen which allows you to write the signature on your mobile device.


The three icons at the bottom of the screen have the following functions:

1. Return to the previous screen (without saving the signature);

2. Erase the signature on the screen (so you can start again);

3. Save the signature.

CompuTec partners can read more about this new feature in our documentation here (login credentials required).


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New to CompuTec PDC 3.93.15 (3.10.6)