New to CompuTec WMS – Catch Weight Management & TLS (SSL) Support

CompuTec WMS (Warehouse Management System) now comes with two major new features; Catch Weight Management and TLS (SSL) Support.


Catch Weight Management

Catch Weight Management refers to the ability to measure inventory according to a variety of units of measure simultaneously. So for example, if we have a chicken, the whole chicken could be counted as a unit of chicken. But the chicken also has a weight in pounds or grams that we also want to keep track of, not least because the value of meat is most often calculated by weight. This means that the item may be bought, sold and stored as one type of unit and its value calculated according to another type.

This is a function that is much in demand in a range of food sectors might be used with products such as bread, cheese or meat which come as loaves, wheels or steaks but their value is often calculated by weight. However, we also see this requirement in some other industries such as pharmaceuticals and chemicals.

Catch Weight Management will be released in three phases. In this first phase, you can record multiple units of measure in the following CompuTec WMS transactions:

  • Goods Receipt PO
  • Goods Receipt PO from Purchase Order
  • Goods Receipt PO from AP Invoice
  • Stock Transfer
  • Delivery
  • Delivery based on Sales Order
  • Return
  • Return PO
  • Pick and Pack

You can enter data manually or using industrial weight scales and we’ve also changed how label printing works in CompuTec Labels to support this functionality. Instead of printing being triggered by the document being saved to the database, labels can be printed as you enter inventory onto the document to make it easier to keep track of which label belongs to which piece of inventory.

In the second phase, we’ll be supporting Catch Weight Management for Storage Units and production-related transactions and adding some tools to analyze packages in the warehouse. In the third phase, we’ll support draft documents and we’ll be releasing a plugin to help manage items with weights that change during their time in the warehouse e.g. cheese which may become lighter due to evaporation.

You can find out more about Catch Weight Management in CompuTec WMS and see how it works by watching our short video below.


TLS (SSL) Support

CompuTec WMS also now comes with TLS (Transport Layer Security). This is a protocol that allows encrypted data to be transferred securely between the WMS Server and the WMS Client.

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