CompuTec ProcessForce 9.3 PL14 & 10.0 R5 release highlights

In the latest versions of CompuTec ProcessForce (9.3 PL14 and 10.0 Release 5), as usual, we’ve added some performance enhancements such as when generating serial numbers on Pick Receipt and a range of small improvements to Manufacturing Orders and attachments amongst other things. Alongside those, we’ve added three significant new features: compatibility with the BulkChange plugin, a new Quality Control feature – Quality Plan and new features in the area of Substitutes.


BulkChange Plugin Compatibility

CompuTec ProcessForce versions 9.3 PL14 and 10.0 Release 5 and higher are now compatible with our latest plugin BulkChange which is now available to CompuTec Partners as a beta version for testing purposes. BulkChange is a tool to allow you to update multiple Bills of Materials simultaneously quickly and easily, avoiding the time-consuming and often mistake-prone manual process. The plugin is described in more detail in another blog post which you can read here.

CompuTec BulkChange - Replacing Items


The Quality Plan – ISO 2859 Compliance

The Quality Plan allows you to assign quality control rules according to supplier performance as per ISO 2859 compliance standards.

According to the assigned code or rating, goods received from the supplier will be subject to a specific set of quality control procedures. For each code it is possible to define:

  • Testing Frequency – How often goods from a particular supplier will be tested. For a very reliable supplier, you might choose only to test every third or fourth delivery, whereas you might want to test every delivery from other suppliers.
  • Rules for testing according to Batch size – Decide for what size batches should be tested and how particular Batch sizes should be tested according to supplier QC code or rating.
  • Number of samples – You can define how many samples should be taken from each batch delivered. For a historically reliable supplier, one sample may suffice. For a supplier with a slightly less illustrious performance history, you may wish to take five, ten or even a hundred samples.
  • Sample pass frequency (AQL – Acceptable Quality Level) – define the highest number of non-conforming samples that are permissible for the batch still to be accepted.
  • Inspection severity – more or less stringent test protocols can be adopted for certain suppliers’ QC codes.

Quality Plan



While it has been possible to define substitutes for items in CompuTec ProcessForce for quite some time, we’ve now added the ability to assign Substitutes to Co-products and Scrap. It’s also possible for each single item, co-product or scrap to be replaced by several Substitutes.

Item Substitutes

Item Substitutes 2

Finally, we have a new report, “Substitute Report”, which displays a list of available substitutes for the relevant item, co-Product or scrap, each Substitute’s validity range and other relevant information such as the amount currently in stock.

Substitute Report

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The BulkChange Plugin - quick, easy mass Bill of Material updates