The BulkChange Plugin – quick, easy mass Bill of Material updates

That businesses have to adapt and evolve to circumstances comes as a surprise to no one. Nowhere is that truer than in manufacturing. While some businesses do work from hundreds of year old recipes, for most manufacturers, adapting their products and processes is part of staying competitive in the modern world. It is by no means unusual that manufacturers decide to change suppliers, that they find an improved ingredient or process that they want to use to level up production, or that a regulatory requirement changes meaning they have to change how they work too.

Unfortunately, this usually means that someone is faced with the sometimes mammoth, and always inconvenient task of updating all the relevant Bills of Materials in the ERP system. Today, we are pleased to announce that this painstaking process is a thing of the past. We’ve just released the Beta version of our new plugin for CompuTec ProcessForce, BulkChange. It is available to all CompuTec partners for testing purposes but should not be used in live production environments until the full release.

Using BulkChange, you can take advantage of the comprehensive filtering system to locate the exact BOMs you want to change, regardless of whether that means 5 or 500 BOMs, specify which item or part of the production process you want to update and implement those changes in a matter of minutes.

CompuTec BulkChange - BOM Selection

BulkChange – BOM Selection

You can use BulkChange to:

  • Replace Items (including co-products and scrap), Routings, Operations and Resources on Bills of Materials
  • Add Items (including co-products and scrap), Routings, Operations and Resources to Bills of Materials
  • Remove Items (including co-products and scrap), Routings, Operations and Resources from Bills of Materials
  • Create new revisions of current Bills of Materials
  • Update quantities, item properties and other factors

CompuTec BulkChange - Replacing Items

BulkChange – Replacing an Item

Not only does this make the process of updating your BOMs much faster than before, it also should mean less mistakes and greater consistency across all your BOMs.

CompuTec BulkChange - BOMs post execution

Bills of Materials before and after BulkChange execution

You can read a detailed description and video demonstrations of how to take full advantage of the filters and build a change scenario on our documentation pages (please note that login credentials are required to access this content).

In the short video below, we walk you through an example case scenario to demonstrate just how fast and easy the process now is.

CompuTec ProcessForce 9.3 PL14 & 10.0 R5 release highlights