CompuTec WMS 2.10.14 R1

The latest version of CompuTec WMS, 2.10.14 R1, includes an improved scanning workflow for Sales Orders and CompuTec AppEngine Batch Synchronization.


Improved scanning workflow for Sales Orders

We’ve added a new option to make scanning multiple items easier when creating Delivery documents based on Sales Orders in CompuTec WMS. Previously, when adding an item from a Sales Order to a delivery document, after an item was scanned the user was taken directly to the Delivery document. Now, by selecting the “Multi-select orders by scanning” checkbox which can be found in CompuTec WMS customer configuration on the Scanning: General tab, you can add multiple items via barcode scanning without being directed to the Delivery document between each scan. This makes inputting barcodes in these circumstances much faster and more convenient for the user.


CompuTec AppEngine Batch Synchronization

We’ve also added CompuTec AppEngine Batch Synchronization. This means that CompuTec WMS will detect if there is a connection to CompuTec AppEngine and if so, CompuTec AppEngine will perform Batch Synchronization. This means that the user will experience a significant improvement in performance.

To enable this option, please ensure that CompuTec AppEngine is correctly configured in CompuTec WMS Custom Configuration and that CompuTec AppEngine has the CompuTec ProcessForce plugin installed.


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