CompuTec ProcessForce 10.0 R12

We’ve just released CompuTec ProcessForce 10.0 R 12 (and 9.3 PL14 R8). Alongside the usual fixes and performance improvements, there are two important new features in this version.

Cloud Partner Support User licensing

The first is that partners can now test and administrate CompuTec ProcessForce using a Partner Support User (user code _PSU_1 or _PSU_2) without the need to assign it a CompuTec ProcessForce Professional license when working in an SAP Business One Cloud Control Center based environment. Previously, our partners needed to use a CompuTec ProcessForce Professional license from the customer license pool and assign it to the Partner Support User. This is no longer necessary.

Load Report Calculations

The second significant new feature concerns Load Reports and how they are calculated. You can now define how many resources should be taken into consideration when calculating a Load Report. There are two steps to enabling this. First of all, on Resource Master Data, you should enter the number of resources to be taken into consideration in the calculations in the “Available Nr. of Resources” field as indicated below.

CompuTec ProcessForce – Resource Master Data

Then, on the scheduling board, you should select the “Consider Nr. Of Resources” checkbox that is marked on the following screenshot.

CompuTec ProcessForce – Scheduling Board




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