CompuTec AppEngine Developer’s Guide

We are pleased to announce that CompuTec partners now have access to our CompuTec AppEngine Developer’s Guide for SAPUI5 applications and background jobs. This means that CompuTec partners can now create their own SAPUI5 applications based on SAP Fiori 3.0 Design Guidelines in C# (.NET Framework) with HTML UI and embed them into the SAP Business One application itself or create background jobs that can process data based on SAP Business One events. As a result, partners can now create extremely user-friendly, responsive applications with Fiori-style interfaces to customize or extend SAP Business One and CompuTec solutions for their customers.

Among other things, the Developer’s Guide includes:

  • A step by step guide to creating SAPUI5 applications
  • How to customize the interface
  • How to create and use User Defined Objects in
  • How to embed plugin forms in CompuTec ProcessForce
  • How to create background jobs using CompuTec AppEngine
  • How to create links between CompuTec AppEngine applications and SAP Business One and CompuTec ProcessForce objects
  • How to configure applications
  • Source code for CompuTec AppEngine example applications
  • CompuTec AppEngine plugin template
  • Development tips for CompuTec AppEngine and SAPUI5 TypeScript

The CompuTec AppEngine Developer’s guide is located on our documentation portal here. 

Please note that while it is not necessary to purchase a separate CompuTec license, or subscription to use CompuTec developed plugins, in the case of partner or third-party developed plugins, a CompuTec AppEngine product is required. Please contact our sales team or partner channel manager for more details on CompuTec AppEngine licensing for such scenarios.

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