CompuTec receives the 2021 Solution Partner MVP Award from Ingram Micro Cloud

“This year we decided to distinguish CompuTec S.A. in the Solution Partner MVP Award category, due to their significant contribution to the development of the unique technology of SAP Business One which is still taking off in Poland, on the Microsoft Azure platform. SAP implementations on Azure require a great deal of knowledge and experience. From our point of view, the award went to an exceptional team of professionals and we hope that it will promote further development in this growth area and further cooperation between Ingram Micro and CompuTec. “

Tomasz Smirnow, Cloud Business Development Manager, Ingram Micro


We are extremely proud to announce that CompuTec has been named Ingram Micro Cloud Solution Partner MVP 2021. Ingram Micro Cloud honors its most distinguished partners in terms of innovation, advocacy, performance and sales each year. CompuTec is a relative newcomer to the Micro Ingram Cloud family and receives this distinction after only just over a year of partnership thanks to high levels of engagement and consequently, an extraordinarily fruitful first year.


“Interest in cloud-based ERP has been gaining traction in recent years and we expect to see this growth become exponential in the near future. To get ahead of this trend, we worked closely with the Ingram Micro Cloud team to prepare a range of cloud models based on Microsoft Azure to offer our customers – SaaS, PaaS and IaaS.”

Michał Engel, Sales Director, CompuTec


The SME manufacturers that make up CompuTec’s core customer base have previously been faced with substantial upfront costs for licenses and IT infrastructure alongside the need to fund in-house specialists to manage the system, handle upgrades and take care of data security. In some cases, this has proved to be an obstacle for small but rapidly expanding businesses who have their capital tied up elsewhere. CompuTec’s cloud offering for SAP Business One and their in-house advanced manufacturing solution, CompuTec ProcessForce has removed this barrier by almost eliminating those upfront costs. Instead, businesses can opt for manageable monthly, quarterly or annual payments which cover all their ERP needs and can easily be scaled up as their business continues to grow. This new way of running ERP means that small and medium-sized enterprises can now access the competitive advantages offered by a modern ERP solution without the financial burden.

As a case in point, CompuTec’s very first Micro Ingram Cloud customer, Polcom Group, is an SME who was picked out of a lineup of large household name corporations to take second place in Computer World magazine’s Best in Cloud competition. They’ve also been named as a finalist in this year’s SAP Quality Awards.

And awards are not all that sets that particular project apart. The nature of the innovative cloud-based environment meant that the customer submitted their order to CompuTec, and a mere two hours later CompuTec had them running a full, complex ERP system in the Cloud. This is phenomenally fast.


“During this first year as a Micro Ingram Cloud partner, we’ve maintained a strong focus on building the necessary expertise to provide first-rate cloud services to our customers here in Poland. The next step is to go global. We’ve already established a network of distribution and implementation partners in more than 80 countries and in the very near future, SMEs around the world will be able to reap the benefits of SAP Business One, CompuTec ProcessForce and our other solutions run on CompuTec Cloud as well.”

Lukasz Chomin, CEO, CompuTec


CompuTec would like to thank the Ingram Micro Cloud team for their support of this new venture and for the recognition and prestige this award brings to this project. The full roster of this year’s winners is available here.


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