Improved performance for big Manufacturing Orders

The biggest news from the latest releases of CompuTec ProcessForce (9.3 PL14 R7 & 10.0 R11) is a major performance improvement for very large Manufacturing Orders.

Many of the businesses using CompuTec ProcessForce run extremely complex production processes. For our customers in certain industries such as food and beverage, chemicals, personal care and pharmaceuticals, it is not unusual for them to be using extremely large, multi-level manufacturing orders that consist of 100 lines or even significantly more. Because of the sheer amount of data involved, these super-sized Manufacturing Orders sometimes caused users to experience reduced performance but thanks to our development team’s latest wizardry users will now observe a vast improvement in this area.

While from the user’s perspective Manufacturing Orders appear unchanged, we’ve reorganized how the database works slightly. Apart from the improvement to performance, this reorganization does have some other implications that all CompuTec partners should be aware of and they should be prepared to make some small adjustments when their customers upgrade to this version or higher. Please take note of the following:

1. Documents related to inventory transactions displayed in the Manufacturing Order Documents tab were recorded in the @CT_PF_MOR5 table. They are now available through the CT_PF_MOR5 view instead.

2. The @CT_PF_MOR5 table will be removed from the database when upgrading to this version. This change is irreversible and we strongly recommend performing a backup before the upgrade.

3. If you have used the CT_PF_MOR5 table for any custom solutions (e.g., Crystal Reports, TransactionNotification or PostTransactionNotification), you have to modify them to use the CT_PF_MOR5 view instead.

4. If any User-Defined Fields were added to the @CT_PF_MOR5 table during implementation, they must be moved to another location to remain operational.


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