End of support for CompuTec ProcessForce 9.3 FAQ

Back in June, we announced that we will be discontinuing support for CompuTec ProcessForce 9.3 as of the end of 2021. This is because SAP has ended the mainstream maintenance phase for SAP Business One 9.3. Additionally, going forward, we want to focus our energies on the enhanced development opportunities offered by SAP Business One 10 compared to SAP Business One 9.3. Please see the FAQ below for further explanations and information.

Does this mean I have to upgrade my customers to SAP Business One 10?

We won’t force you to upgrade but we strongly recommend that you do. Besides the many advantages SAP Business One will bring to your customers and the obvious disadvantages that come with using an unsupported version of SAP Business One, by continuing to use SAP Business One 9.3, you will be unable to upgrade to CompuTec ProcessForce 10, and you will have to continue using CompuTec ProcessForce 9.3.

Will we still be able to use CompuTec ProcessForce 9.3?

Yes, it will still be possible to use CompuTec ProcessForce 9.3 for as long as you wish but there will be no support available. We do recommend that you upgrade CompuTec ProcessForce 10.0 as soon as possible because otherwise you will not have access to the latest functionalities and you will not receive support for version 9.3.

Does this mean if I log a support ticket for CompuTec ProcessForce 9.3 after January 1st 2022, the ticket will be deleted or ignored?

We won’t refuse to engage with you if you do create such a ticket, however we will remind you that you should upgrade to CompuTec ProcessForce 10 and any help we might be able to give you will be very limited.

Will new functionalities be added to CompuTec ProcessForce 9.3. in tandem with CompuTec ProcessForce 10.0 as is currently the case?

No. As of January 1st 2022, there will be no further releases of CompuTec ProcessForce 9.3 and no new functionalities will be added to it.

Will you be fixing any bugs in CompuTec ProcessForce 9.3?

No, as of January 1st 2022 we will not be fixing any bugs in CompuTec ProcessForce 9.3. The resolution to any bugs reported by CompuTec ProcessForce 9.3 users, will only be available in CompuTec ProcessForce 10.0 releases.

I disagree with this decision or I have further questions/ concerns. How can I let you know?

Please create a support ticket on our portal. Feedback from our partners is always welcome.

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