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CompuTec AppEngine Plugin Templates

Now it is easier to develop your own CompuTec AppEngine plugins than ever before. CompuTec AppEngine provides a platform for the creation of custom solutions for SAP Business One and/or CompuTec solutions such as CompuTec ProcessForce and it just got much faster and easier for CompuTec partners and customers to create those bespoke solutions thanks to our new templates.

The templates are essentially partially written plugins in UI5 with either Javascript or Typescript on the front end. The content of the templates varies somewhat but can include, for instance, the plugin initializer and plugin setup, OData controller examples and even a partially written user interface. This cuts the time needed to develop new solutions down by a significant amount, and the plugin lifecycle management code has already been tried and tested so you can be sure it works.

In the following video, you can see how the templates are used.

To see some examples of the kinds of solutions that can be created, please see our previous blog posts on Batch Traceability 360 (1 and 2), Manufacturing Order 360 and CompuTec BulkChange.

You can also find out more by visiting our CompuTec AppEngine Developer’s guide (login required).

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