Manufacturing Order 360

Our newest CompuTec AppEngine plugin – Manufacturing Order 360, offers CompuTec ProcessForce users additional functionality to better manage work in the factory. The Manufacturing Order 360 plugin comprises two main functional areas: the Assignment Board and the Gantt Chart.

The Manufacturing Order 360 Assignment Board

You can use the Manufacturing Order 360 plugin to assign tasks to specific employees or groups of employees. There are a wide range of filtering options to allow you to find specific tasks in the system and you can save your filters so you can save time when you want to reuse filter criteria. You can also see which tasks have already been assigned and to whom, and conversely which tasks have yet to be assigned as well.

After finding the relevant tasks in the system, a manager or other office employee can then assign the task or tasks to the right members of staff. In turn, when an assigned employee logs in to CompuTec PDC (Plant Data Capture) on a mobile device on the shop floor, he will be able to see his assigned tasks there, and then as per the usual procedure, record data about his work on the task as he completes it.

CompuTec Manufacturing Order 360 – Assignment Board – Assigned Tasks

The Manufacturing Order 360 Gantt Chart

The Manufacturing Order 360 plugin also has a Gantt Chart which displays current tasks in progress. This differs from the Gantt Chart in CompuTec ProcessForce in that the ProcessForce Gantt Chart is a planning tool. In contrast, the Manufacturing Order 360 Gantt chart is a live overview which updates automatically according to a user-defined time period.

CompuTec Manufacturing Order 360 – Gantt Chart

Users can set up customizable Gantt Chart “Views” to allows them to see the resources, productions lines or series of processes that they want to focus on, save those views for later, and navigate quickly between different views. From the Gantt Chart users have live access to detailed information about each task including the progress of current tasks.

CompuTec Manufacturing Order 360 – Gantt Chart – View details

It is also possible to view a graphical representation of the manufacturing process for a Manufacturing Order.

CompuTec Manufacturing Order 360 – Gantt Chart – Graphical representation of a Manufacturing Order

Manufacturing Order 360 is included in CompuTec ProcessForce Limited Logistics and Professional licenses.

You can see a brief explanation and demonstration in the video below. Further details, such as a more extensive explanation of using filters and customizing the Gantt Chart are available in our documentation (login credentials required).

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