Analytical Page for Manufacturing Orders

We are very excited to announce the release of our CompuTec AppEngine Analytical Page for Manufacturing Orders. This user-friendly tool will allow you to create custom reports and analytics about Manufacturing Orders very quickly and easily. These reports can be used to gain greater visibility into production activities, identify potential for improvement, fine-tune strategies and plan for the future.

The Analytical Page is based on CompuTec AppEngine solutions. This particular one is based on the Manufacturing Order 360 plugin which you can read more about here. This means that if one of our partners or customers creates their own CompuTec AppEngine solution for SAP Business One or CompuTec ProcessForce, they will be able to create a corresponding Analytical Page for that solution too.

The Analytical Page is incredibly flexible, and it is very easy to use. You can create data subsets and save any number of variants of the report and allow other users to access them if you want.

Manufacturing Order 360 Analytical Page – Report Variants

You can filter the data you want to include on the report using any Manufacturing Order field. For instance, you might wish to view Manufacturing Orders for a particular Item Group that were completed in a particular date range. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of possible filtering combinations.

Manufacturing Order 360 Analytical Page – Filters and report in table format

You have complete control over what data is presented in your report. You can choose which data is displayed and how it is organized.

Manufacturing Order 360 Analytical Page – sorting data

You can also generate a variety of graphs that your data will be presented in for you to analyze. You define the parameters and what data you want to include yourself and then you can decide if it is presented as a bar chart, pie chart or line graph.

Manufacturing Order 360 Analytical Page – graph example

Each variant can also include a range of micro charts that you can click on to see the expanded data quickly and easily. You can also break down micro charts to view, for example, a partial date range. The example below is from our Quality Control analytical page which is currently being tested.

Quality Control Analytical Page (preview) – Micro charts

The Analytical Page for Manufacturing Orders is just the first phase. We plan to offer this feature for many other functional areas in the future. The next one to be released will be for Quality Control which we think will be incredibly useful for our customers.

To gain some insight into the scope of this powerful tool, we recommend watching our video demonstration.

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