CompuTec PDC

CompuTec PDC comes with several useful new features.


Pick Receipt: Batch Generation

You can now generate batches from CompuTec PDC’s Pick Receipt. When the user opens Pick Receipt, they can enter the total quantity and the number of batches and click on the “generate” button. Subsequently, a line for each batch will appear on the screen.

CompuTec PDC – Receipt from Production


Task creation after scanning MODocEntry + RscLineNum barcodes

When a MODocEntry + RscLineNum barcode is scanned, a new task will be added. If the relevant task has already been added, the task will be opened automatically.

Example of MODocEntry + RscLineNum barcode


Unit of Measure code and Expiry Date fields added to Issue To Production

By customer request, we have added two fields to the Issue To Production screen in CompuTec PDC. The Unit of Measure code field will be populated with data from the Inventory Data tab on the relevant Item Master Data document. The Expiry Date field will be populated according to the Batch or Serial number.

CompuTec PDC – Issue to Production – New Fields – Unit of Measure Code and Expiry Date


Pick Order and Pick Receipt: Selection options

Again, at the request of one of our customers, we’ve added the option to select all or unselect all items to improve useability.

CompuTec PDC – Pick Order / Pick Receipt – Select and Unselect all Items


PDC Settings: Dialogue Windows

You can now define the length of time after which dialogue windows are closed automatically in CompuTec PDC settings.


CompuTec PDC Settings

To see the full release notes for this version, please visit our documentation portal (login required).

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