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The CompuTec solution suite for SAP Business One 10 and beyond

CompuTec ProcessForce 10 has arrived along with SAP Business One 10 compliant releases of all our solutions (CompuTec PDC, WMS and Labels). They are now available to CompuTec partners for testing purposes and for select customers who are participating in the SAP Business One 10 Early Adopter Care program. Any partner who would like to access the installers for testing can access them here. If you would like to install the SAP Business One compatible versions on a customer’s live environment, you should open a support ticket on our support portal and request our approval first.

To update our partners on this significant development, we’d like to extend a warm invitation to employees of all CompuTec partners to a webinar led by our Global Presales Director, Piotr Wysocki  on 10th March 2020. As usual, we’ll be doing the webinar twice to try to accommodate as many different time zones as we can.

During the webinar, Piotr will introduce the new features and changes in CompuTec ProcessForce and give you previews of some of the new features that you can expect to see in CompuTec ProcessForce in the near future.



  • Introduction – CompuTec Solutions: The road ahead
  • MRP 2.5
  • Batch Traceability 360
  • Mass BOM Change Tool
  • Serialization
  • Plant Maintenance
  • Q & A session


If, in the meantime, you would like to know a bit more about some of those developments, take a look at our previous blog post.



Please note that advance registration is required. Each participant needs a personalized link to access the webinar. We suggest registering well in advance to avoid disapointment.

This webinar is exclusively for CompuTec partners. If you are a customer or other interested party, please contact your CompuTec partner or us directly for more details on this topic.


The CompuTec solution suite for SAP Business One 10 and beyond

Tuesday 10th March 2020

Session 1

Join us at 8.30 am European Standard Time

Session 2

Join us at 4.00 pm European Standard Time


About the Presenter
With 20 years of experience working with ERP systems for production and warehousing behind him, Piotr Wysocki has developed a rich knowledge in the area of process optimization and a special interest in managing workflows and the everyday realities and challenges of running a business. Currently engaged as Global Presales Director at CompuTec, Piotr’s deep understanding of our range of SAP Business One solutions and their practical application in real businesses around the world is second to none.


10 out of 10
CompuTec ProcessForce 10 - The Road Ahead