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10 reasons why we love SAP Business One 10

Getting CompuTec solutions SAP Business One 10 ready was a top priority for us in the first couple of months in 2020. But why? What is it that makes SAP Business One 10 so great? What’s the fuss all about? Now that it’s available on general release, why should you upgrade from earlier versions?

Well, actually there are a lot of reasons: Nice new features for users, better usability and for us as a business, some exciting new opportunities for taking our solutions for advanced manufacturing and logistics further than ever before. But instead of going through them all here, let’s just give you a run-through of 10 of our favorites.


1. The interface


SAP have given the interface a major facelift. There are some nice usability enhancements such as the ability to hide the toolbar so you can make maximum use of your screen space and switching between company databases is also now easier to access and as a consequence, faster. You also have greater control over how many forms are sized so you can cut down on scrolling. The new skin, Belize Deep, looks sleek, fresh and is more engaging to use plus there is support for high DPI monitors. Big thumbs up from us!


2. SAP Business One Web Client


With version 10 SAP have introduced a Web Client based on the SAP Fiori design guidelines. This is the start of something really quite exciting for SAP Business One customers because now they’ll be able to use SAP Business One from any modern web browser including on mobile devices such as iPads. In the first version, there will be limited features available. Those that are available mostly center around the sales process so for certain team members such as those in customer service it will certainly be useful as-is. We are still waiting for information from SAP on how to extend the Web Client so as of right now, you won’t be able to use CompuTec solutions in it, but rest assured, we’ll be on the case as soon as SAP opens up this option to us. We are hoping that the ability to use CompuTec ProcessForce in the Web Client will also allow us to carry out some fairly creative ideas that we have for extensions in the future too.


3. Microsoft Office 365 Integration


Now you can export document layout, grid results and reports into Excel and Word as applicable. Exports can be uploaded to OneDrive automatically so you can access them from anywhere and there is a new template management feature which is a really great tool for creating report and document layouts.


4. Service Layer Enabled for Microsoft SQL Server

We are delighted to see the Service Layer enabled for the Microsoft SQL server. Now, as previously possible only for SAP HANA, we will be able to take advantage of this standardized way to communicate with SAP Business One using any language or technology. Now all our customers will be able to benefit from a wide range of features made possible by the Service Layer such as web based applications.


5. SAP HANA 2.0 Platform Adaption

SAP HANA 2.0 is the latest, and greatest of in-memory database from SAP. We are happy to see it’s fully supported for SAP Business One 10. It brings a ton of new functionalities and enhancements. The most important are true multitenant support, persistent memory, high availability with active/active read-enabled, or data anonymization and masking.


6. Add Button Extended in Marketing Documents

SAP have enhanced the “Add” button on sales and purchasing documents to give users a few more options when saving documents. Previously, when you click on the add button, the window would close and a new window would open. Now you can choose from three new options too:

  • Add & New: This will add the document and a new window will open.
  • Add & View: This will add the document and the saved document will stay open and its content displayed.
  • Add & Save: This will add the document and the window will be closed.

SAP Business One will also remember the user’s choice for next time so all that should make for a much more user-friendly experience.


7. Editing UDFs in Document Rows

This new setting, which can be found in the Document Settings, “Allow Update of User-Defined Fields When Document Rows Are Not Editable” gives you the possibility to make UDFs editable independently of the document/row status. There is also an authorization function which controls user’s ability to edit UDFs on marketing document rows.


8. Formatted Search Supports Multiple Triggers


User-Defined Values now support multiple triggers. This gives you more possibilities and flexibility when implementing formatted searches/ User-Defined Values.


9. Enhanced Open Items List Report

SAP Business One 10 includes an enhanced version of the Open Items List Report. Now you can include more document information: Owner, Sales Employee/Buyer, Remarks, Approved, Created by, Contact Person, Payment Terms, BP Project, UDFs in document headers.

For Sales Quotation, Sales Order, Purchase Request, Purchase Quotation and Purchase Orders, you can now close and cancel multiple documents simultaneously. Similarly for Return Requests and Goods Return Request documents, you can also close multiple documents at the same time.

The benefit of this is that now you have greater document options and more information in this single report.


10. Interactive Gantt Chart for Project Management


SAP Business One now has a pretty nice tool for planning projects in this interactive Gantt Chart. You can use the drag-and-drop function to move, extend or shorten the phases of your projects and the project will be updated accordingly. This nifty new feature is really intuitive in use and should make planning your projects much easier.

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