What’s the business benefit of using batch properties?

Depending on your industry, business practices, and needs of regulations you may need to add and record characterstics or attributes (otherwise known as properties) to a specific batch record, for example:-

  • Details of origin for caught fish and other seafoods
  • Dimensions
  • Results of quality control tests
  • Active ingredient % for a drug

By recording such data now aids the business in a number of ways for example:-

  • Produce a certificate of analysis
  • Search for a specific batch to be used in production
  • Provided statistics for caught fish species
  • Find and allocate a specific batch for a customer
  • Detailed records to be used in a batch trace or recall

ProcessForce provides a simple but powerful solution to address the above business needs, to define batch properties, with expressions and planned values, including the recording of actual values.

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