Solution Highlight – Using Activities to streamline Sales to Quality Control processes

So how does your Sales and Quality Control department contact each other to have a specific batch of product reviewed because the expiry date is short or the batch is locked….post-it ? phone call ? email ? walk to the QC office ?.

This all takes time, reduces efficiency and adds cost to the business.

So how can ProcessForce help to manage this situation, below is an example workflow to achieve this:

Step 1

Sales person takes a sales order, and using ATP checks for stock availability, but the main warehouse do not have enough stock to fulfill the sales order

Step 2

Sales person selects “Displays stock in other Warehouses” , the sales order quantity is available but the stock is in the QC Warehouse

Step 3

The Sales person sees the batch has a status = “Locked” and QC status = “Inspection”

Step 4

The Sales person creates an Activity which is posted to the Quality Control Department, with a comment

Step 5

Quality Control person recieves the Activity, and has the Sales Order and Batch Number as reference

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