Scheduling – a solution for improving on-time customer deliveries

Improving on-time customer deliveries, creates happier customers and ultimately improves cash flow. Therefore when moving production orders to take in account changes to the planned schedule, it’s paramount to have the visibility if the changes will negatively impact the customers required delivery date.

ProcessForce provides a simple but powerful scheduling solution to manage the production orders within the plant and to manually re-schedule via “drag and drop” means, so when moving a production order, the user in real-time can see if the change will impact the required delivery date. By use of red warning icon, the user can readily identify those orders that are late.

The first screen shot,illustrates a number of production orders that have been automatically scheduled based on the resource and calendar constraints. The plan is balanced as all orders are consuming the available capacity, while achieving the required delivery dates.

The second screen shot, illustrates, the effects of moving a production order, when comparing the dates of the order to the dates on the schedule board, the order has been moved to a position where the finished date is later than the required date.


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