RTS Group to become ProcessForce Master Distributor for Italian market

Established Italian and Polish SAP Business One partners RunTime Solutions, SAI and CompuTec have joined forces to create a new company RTS Group. This new entity will become the Master VAR for the distribution, implementation and support of ProcessForce within the Italian market.

Combining the competencies of the three companies for example implementation and support methodologies, manufacturing knowledge, SAP HANA and  SAP Business One extension development, into a single entity will provide significant value for both customers and partners within the Italian manufacturing sector.

“With ProcessForce we brought to Italy a new way to manage the production process and the quality control. The partnership with Computec has resulted with the creation of the RTS Group, which aims to be the reference point for the Manufacturing enterprises in the Italian market” said Mario Barone, CEO, Run Time Solutions. 

“Thanks to ProcessForce we were able to meet the needs of our customers, complementing the offering of SAP Business One for manufacturing companies. With RTS Group we aim to increase the knowledge and the number of installations of ProcessForce in the Italian market” said Maurizio Fratini, CEO of SAI.

“Building on the success of 2013 within the Italian market with our partners SAI and Run Time Solutions, and the level of strategic fit across the three entities was extremely high, especially within the areas of SAP HANA, it felt natural to take our partnership to the next level and create the RTS Group” says Martin Gore, Global Sales Director, CompuTec S.A.

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