Quick Time Booking: Save time and gain consistency

Knowing how long each operation takes on each resource is pretty essential to organizing the workflow in your factory effectively and of course, for cost accounting purposes. CompuTec PDC (Plant Data Capture) for SAP Business One has had some great tools for these purposes up and running since its inception. Operatives can record how long it takes to set-up the resource for production, how long the resource needs to complete each specific task, monitor downtime caused by power cuts or maintenance and in each of those situations you can compare the actual time taken to what was planned and what was booked.


You can’t argue about the usefulness of this data once it is collected, but at the same time it sometimes took inconveniently long to set the documents up. CompuTec PDC’s newest feature, Quick Time Bookings, cuts the time spent on preparing documents down to a fraction of what it was. Now you can record time bookings for multiple manufacturing orders all in one go from one panel instead of going through the laborious process of creating and opening separate task tiles for each operation.

A sample Quick Time Booking panel


If you want to manage just a select group of tasks there are options to filter tasks by status, operation, resource, document numbers and time types and you can also save the parameters you have defined for quick and easy access next time. These filters can also be set up on a device-by-device basis so that you only see the manufacturing orders relevant to the device user.  If you would like to assign more than one resource to a given task, that isn’t a problem either. There is even a field for you to leave any relevant remarks on the operation or resource if you so choose, for instance if there are any irregularities in the resource’s operating speed or temperature.

An expanded Quick Time Booking panel with work time management options displayed

Now that you can view all the relevant tasks at once on just a single panel, it is easier to gain an overall view of operations than when you had to deal with multiple task tiles at once too. This should aid you in the decision-making process and allow you to manage your resources more efficiently. As an added bonus managing multiple operations on the same panel should also mean less confusion and more consistency throughout your documents and operations.


You can find out more about more about CompuTec PDC and how it can support your machine park operations on our website www.processforce.world or by giving us a call on +48 68 38 188 00.


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