ProcessForce for SAP Business One 9.1

If you’re looking at SAP Business One 9.1 there are a number of innovations such as “Branches” while on SAP HANA the new Fiori style UI and enhanced Dashboard designer. When we started to build ProcessForce it was critical we developed the solution correctly to offer both partners and customers the same user experience as SAP Business One providing seamless integration and intuitive navigation. ProcessForce version 9.1 is available for both SAP HANA and Microsoft SQL and below are a number of example screens shots of our solution.


Branches are linked to a specific warehouse, so when the production order is created the branch is copied into the production order based on the bill of materials default warehouse. In turn all the items within the production order also inherit the branch id, which is copied to all related production transactions, with the resulting posted journals containing the branch id. Guess what, ProcessForce follows the same business logic as provided by SAP Business One. Just like how ProcessForce uses SAP cost dimensions, distribution rules and projects.

SAP Fiori Style Cockpit

Simple, just go to General Settings, select Cockpit tab, and check Fiori Style Cockpit. SAP Business One and ProcessForce will display the new SAP Fiori UI and Cockpit. You can even use the new menu finder to find your appropriate ProcessForce menu item


SAP HANA KPI’s and Dashboards

It’s easy just create a query in the Query manager, save and open the new Pervasive Analytics Designer, select the KPI or Dashboard option , choose the query, select your XY and dimensions , save , refresh and your new ProcessForce analytic is there. Simple !!

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