New to CompuTec WMS 1.5.9

We’ve released another version of CompuTec WMS (Warehouse Management Solution) this month with quite a few nice little features for you. The releases are coming fast and furious as we gear up for WMS 2.0. So let’s take a look inside CompuTec WMS 1.5.9.


SQL Dimensions now supported on more documents

You might remember that in our previous release, CompuTec WMS 1.5.8 we added support for SQL Dimensions for Goods Issue and we promised to add this for more forms in the near future. We now have added this feature for Goods Receipt PO, Return, Goods Return, Stock Transfer and Delivery which should come in nice and handy.


SQL Dimensions


New Label Printing Trigger

Another thing that you may recall is that we added the ability to print using CompuTec Labels from Storage Unit Details. This was also part of a larger plan to expand the usage potential of CompuTec WMS and CompuTec Labels when they are working together and we have now also added the ability to trigger label printing on saving Pick Order documents as well.


Configuration option for Issue to Production

To help you cut down on data input errors and waste we have added a new custom configuration option to prevent more goods being issued to production than is listed on the relevant Production Order. You can set this up in WMS Custom Configuration> SAP Production Issue.


Issue to Production Configuration


Filtering by date

To make life a little bit easier you can now also filter lists by date as follows;


Batch number scanning

And the final useful feature that I’d like to tell you about today is the ability to scan batch numbers (the actual numbers as opposed to the barcode) on Stock/Inventory Transfer transactions. You can see how it works in this short film. For demonstration purposes here, as you will see in the video, we used a barcode scanner simulator but it works in exactly the same way in the real world with an actual barcode scanner. First of all you will see how adding items to Stock Transfer works without a barcode scanner and then we show the same process with barcode scanning. As you will see, entering the data with a barcode scanner takes about half the time.



So that covers all the new features in CompuTec WMS 1.5.9. Watch this space for news about future CompuTec WMS releases. CompuTec WMS 2.0 will be with you soon.



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