New Stock Counting in CompuTec WMS

CompuTec WMS now comes with the option to use a new stock counting methodology which allows for a smoother, more practical workflow when creating Inventory Counting documents.

Previously Stock Counting documents had to be created by an SAP Business One user and a list based on that document was displayed in CompuTec WMS. Now you will be able to create the stock counting document from CompuTec WMS and the data will be sent to SAP Business One. This is made possible by a CompuTec AppEngine plugin that runs background jobs that synchronize the stock counting data in SAP Business One and CompuTec WMS.



The new Stock Counting method includes support for:

  • Batch managed Items,
  • Items Managed by Serial number,
  • Bin locations,
  • Storage Units and Sub Storage Units.

For the time being, CompuTec WMS users will be able to choose whether they would like to continue using the old Stock Counting method, or more over to this new one. However, depending on customer feedback, we may change this approach in the future.

To see the new Stock Counting functionality in action, we recommend you watch the short video below.


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