MRP 2.5 – Support for Order Intervals

In the latest version of CompuTec ProcessForce 10.0 R18 we have improved performance when running MRP 2.5 scenarios and also added support for Order Intervals. A simpler version of this feature exists in standard SAP Business One MRP but we have added this to MRP 2.5 where it can be set up not only for Items but also for Revisions.

CompuTec ProcessForce MRP 2.5 Calculation


In general, the Order Interval field allows you to define how often a Purchase Order or Manufacturing Order can be created for that item. In other words, all the recommendations made by MRP 2.5 will be aggregated into one recommendation according to the period defined in the Order Interval field.

So, if this is an item you purchase and use on a regular basis, you might prefer just to place an order once a week rather than every day.

If it is for an item that you manufacture yourself, perhaps you have a particular day of the week when you use your production line to manufacture that item. So, all the demand for the week will be aggregated so that you make enough on the day that this item is produced and on other days the production line will make some other products.

To set up your preferred Order Interval, go to Item Master Data for the item in question in the Planning Data tab. You will see that for Order Interval there is a drop-down menu. Here you can select which pre-defined cycle you would like to use or define a new one.


CompuTec ProcessForce – Item Master Data – Planning Data


This will open the Order Interval Setup window Here, you can define whether you would like orders to be created weekly, monthly or every “X” days. If you select weekly or monthly, you can choose on which day of the week or month you want the order to be created.

CompuTec ProcessForce – Order Interval Setup

If you would like to set up a different Order Interval for each Revision, i.e., Bill of Material variant, then you can do that from the Planning Data Tab on the Item Details form. You simply select the revision you want to define planning data for and fill in the Order Interval field accordingly. It looks much the same as on Item Master Data.

CompuTec ProcessForce – Item Details – Planning Data



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