Manufacturing Order Wizard

The Manufacturing Order Wizard is a CompuTec AppEngine plugin that allows you to create Manufacturing Orders based on Sales Orders in SAP Business One. This is particularly aimed at helping businesses who on the basis of a single Sales Order, have to generate multiple Manufacturing Orders that are for different levels of production.

The CompuTec ProcessForce customer who originally brought the usefulness of such a tool to our attention is a manufacturer of modular hotels. So, they received a sales order for a hotel. The hotel consists of rooms and each room has a number of structural, electrical, decorative, etc. elements. Typically, a single Sales Order requires the creation of several hundred Manufacturing Orders, or what we might describe as a rather extensive Manufacturing Order tree. This proved to be a cumbersome process using standard SAP Business One features. The Manufacturing Order Wizard plugin is our solution.

The starting point is a Sales Order or Sales Orders. There is a filtering system to help you select the Sales Order(s) you want:

The system will then create a list of all the Manufacturing Order required to fulfill the Sales Order, even if there are multiple levels of production. It is possible to view these Manufacturing Orders in two ways. One of these is a graphical visualization of the Manufacturing Order tree. Using this graph, it is easy to see the relationships between the Manufacturing Orders. The Manufacturing Orders are also presented as a list on a table.

It is possible to change some of the planning data for the Manufacturing Orders. You will have the opportunity to amend planning direction, priority order status and required dates and times before the Manufacturing Order Wizard creates the Manufacturing Orders in SAP Business One.

To avoid situations where child Maintenance Orders are created before parent Maintenance Orders, you can also choose to prevent the system from creating Manufacturing Orders when previous Manufacturing Orders in the production sequence have not yet been created. This is done at the final step before creating the Manufacturing Orders in the system by ensuring the “Link Child MORs” checkbox is ticked.

You can create all Manufacturing Orders for a Sales Order at once or you can choose to create only certain Manufacturing Orders initially and return to that Sales Order later to create the remaining Sales Orders.



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