CompuTec WMS 2.0 R18

With CompuTec WMS 2.0 R18 comes the full release of CompuTec WMS for Android. This means that CompuTec WMS can now be used on most Android devices (Android 6 and higher) in live warehouse environments. To find out more about CompuTec WMS for Android devices please visit our previous blog post on this topic or, for CompuTec partners and customers with login credentials, our documentation.

As of this latest version, there is also a new way to download CompuTec WMS.

Previously, the installers could only be downloaded from our documentation portal. Now you can download the installers from the web browser of the device you want to use CompuTec WMS on as well. You can find the installers by entering your CompuTec WMS server address and port 31002 in the address bar of the web browser i.e. [WMS Server address]:31002. Then you will see something very similar to the following screen.

At this stage you simply choose which flavor of CompuTec WMS you would like to install and then follow standard procedure.

You will still be able to download installers from our documentation portal for the foreseeable future too.

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