CompuTec ProcessForce Preventative Maintenance

Preventive maintenance refers to the regular performance of maintenance on equipment and assets in order to keep them running efficiently and prevent equipment failures and the resulting unplanned downtime. CompuTec ProcessForce Plant Maintenance functionality allows businesses using SAP Business One to record and manage this kind of maintenance from their ERP system.

It is possible to base your preventative maintenance routine on time or meter readings or a combination of both. If you choose a meter-based routine, you can set up different meter readings to trigger different maintenance work. So if you have a belt on one of your machines, you can set up specific actions to be taken at certain belt thickness levels. So for example, after a certain amount of wear, you might want the belt to undergo some kind of routine maintenance such as a belt alignment check, check for cracks or damage, etc. So when that belt thickness is recorded and entered, a maintenance order for that work can be generated automatically. When the belt reaches the thickness at which it should be replaced, the creation of a different kind of Maintenance Order i.e. for belt replacement can be triggered.

You set up your trigger points using the Maintainable Item form.



And then as you record the results of maintenance inspections using the Maintenance Recording form, the appropriate Maintenance Orders will be created in the system.


CompuTec ProcessForce Plant Maintenance functionality also includes the following features:

  • Flexible Maintainable Item structure which can accommodate a large number of interconnected Maintainable Items;
  • Maintainable Item 360 – shows you the relationships between maintainable items;
  • Task and checklist system to track and record maintenance work;
  • Effective and physical meter reading aggregation;
  • Support for Parent and Child Maintenance Orders;

To see how all this fits together, we recommend watching the following video demonstration in which we walk you through the key features.



CompuTec ProcessForce MRP 2.5
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