CompuTec ProcessForce 10.0 R10/ 9.3.PL14 R6

The latest release of CompuTec ProcessForce (versions 10.0 R10 and 93.PL14 R6) includes a few nice little enhancements, particularly related to the Bill of Materials and Manufacturing Order forms.

Quality Control Tests from Manufacturing Orders

There has been the possibility of creating Quality Control Tests for final goods from Manufacturing Orders in CompuTec ProcessForce for quite some time. We have now also added the ability to create Quality Control Tests for the raw materials used in the Manufacturing Order as well.

You can do this by right-clicking on the relevant raw material as shown below. The context menu will appear and you will see two new options there;

  • Create Quality Control Test for Raw Material
  • Open Existing Quality Control Test for Raw Material

This new addition makes it more convenient for users to navigate between forms.

Generating Batch Numbers from B1if

You can now create Batch Numbers from the B1if integration interface. This means it is now possible to generate batches using template selected using parameters like ItemCode, RevisionCode, SAPDocument, Classification, MorNumber and PickNumber.

Product description updates

If you change an item description in the Item Master Data for any item that has a Bill of Materials defined, you now have the option to also update the description on the Bill of Materials at the same time. When you make the change on Item Master Data, a pop-up window will ask if you also want to perform the same update on the Bill of Materials.

Multiple line selection

To improve usability, you can now select multiple lines simultaneously on Bill of Materials, Manufacturing Order and Maintainable Item. The tabs in which this is available, are as follows;

  • Bill of Materials – Items, Coproducts, Scraps, Phantoms
  • Manufacturing Order – Items, Coproducts, Scraps, Phantoms
  • Maintainable Item – Effective Meters, Inspection Points, Aspects, Aspect Points, Conditions, Activities


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