CompuTec Gateway

CompuTec Gateway allows you to connect CompuTec solutions to physical devices. Currently, we support two kinds of connections. The first is a connection between CompuTec PDC or CompuTec WMS and industrial weight scales and the second involves connecting printers on another server to CompuTec Labels.

This is a “behind the scenes” solution, in that it doesn’t offer specific functionality but it does offer CompuTec customers more options and flexibility in terms of how they structure their system setup. It’s specifically required in the case of cloud deployments where SAP Business One runs on a different infrastructure than physical hardware i.e. weight scales and printers.

CompuTec Gateway comprises two elements both of which must be installed:

1. CompuTec Gateway Manager – This is an application installed locally which allows you to configure the connections to weight scales or printers.

2. CompuTec Gateway plugin for CompuTec AppEngine – This plugin allows CompuTec AppEngine to manage the connections between CompuTec solutions and physical devices.

Configuration is very straightforward and takes only a few minutes as can be seen in the following demonstration of how to connect a new printer to CompuTec Labels.



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