CompuTec AppEngine Webinar

CompuTec would like to invite all our partners to a webinar on 6th June 2019 to explore the usage of CompuTec AppEngine, our Web API (application programming interface) built on core protocols such as HTTP and OData v4 that provides a unified way of exposing business objects.

During the webinar participants will be presented with the following:

  • CompuTec AppEngine architecture: The protocols and usages
  • CompuTec AppEngine installation and configuration
  • How CompuTec AppEngine communicates with SAP Business One
  • A demonstration using Postman and .NET client
  • Example usage scenarios
  • Troubleshooting
  • Plans for the future


The presentation will be followed by an opportunity for participants to put their questions to our expert, Michal Huzarski.

The webinar will be held twice at 9:00 am and 3:00 pm European Summer Time. You may select which time slot is more convenient for you.


Thursday 6th June 2019


Join us at 09:00 am European Summer Time (GMT +2)

Join us at 03:00 pm European Summer Time (GMT +2)

NB: This webinar has now taken place. Registration is no longer possible.


About the Presenter

Michal Huzarski, Lead Developer for web and mobile solutions at CompuTec, has over a decade of experience in Web solutions and ERP applications, during which time he has been responsible for a large number of highly specialized development projects for household name companies. Utilizing his expertise in .NET, Java, Node.js, SAP HANA XS Classic, and SAP HANA XSA technologies, he has a proven track record in design, development and software implementation. As one of the architects of CompuTec AppEngine, and later as the developer in charge of the project’s implementation, Michal quite literally knows CompuTec AppEngine inside out.





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