ASUG Biz.ONE Conference 2017 Experience

ASUG Biz.ONE Conference 2017 Experience

Recently, members of CompuTec and Onesta RTMS teams gathered in Anaheim California for ASUG Biz One Conference. The event proved to be a great success, with excellent presentations provided by such charismatic speakers as Luis Murguia, Richard Duffy, Chris Bertish among many others. Each of the speeches was based on deep and authentic research into broad range of users, identifying their needs and then finding the best case studies that speak to these topics. During the event, at the CompuTec booth, we have had a steady flow of meetings with our US and Canadian partners: Sapphire, Vision33, Pioneer B1, Forgestik, Cornerstone as well as with potential and actual customers. It was a great chance to build new relationships with the best companies in the business.

There were many new faces this year and it was great to meet you all. I hope that you found it to be a valuable learning and networking experience.

To contact someone you met at CompuTec Booth, please e-mail me: Adam Łebkowski at

An invigorating mix of success stories, SAP partners’ solutions presentation, experience-backed useful business knowledge and updates on the newest SAP solutions has made us looking forward to the next year’s ASUG conference. Looks like it is Texas this time 🙂

P.S. On Tuesday night @SAPBusinessOne has changes @HouseOfBluesACA into “House of Biz”.


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