Advanced Warehouse Management in SAP Business One

Advanced Warehouse Management in SAP Business One

CompuTec WMS is an application that allows the creation of CompuTec ProcessForce and SAP Business One inventory movement documents using a handheld device connected to your SAP Business One database. SAP Business One and CompuTec ProcessForce located in it is a combination that covers all of a production company’s needs. However operating it directly from a warehouse while working with inventory may be difficult. That is where CompuTec WMS comes in. Using it you can manage the recording of inventory movements directly from any storehouse. The whole document creation process is performed in just a few steps in which data required for a document is being assembled. Choosing the desired value (either by scanning a barcode, or by picking from a list) assigns it to the document being created and links automatically to the next list – until the final step in which you confirm creation of the document, using predefine workflow.

What’s new in just released CompuTec WMS 1.5 version?

The following newest features that have been added to the latest version 1.5:

1. New transaction: SAP Goods Receipt with ability of using drafts.

2. Goods Receipt: Classification field displayed on Batch related windows  (if it is used in a Batch template).

3. New Custom Configuration options:

a. GS1 Decoder – Copy (10) Batch number to Field […] – value scanned with (10) prefix can be put to one of three Batch attribute fields: Batch Attribute 1, Batch Attribute 2 or Supplier Batch,
b. PopUp adding new Item when use base document […].  The option determines what popUp is displayed and what action can be taken on adding a new Item to a base document. The following set up is available:

– PopUp Date from Base Doc with today date
– PopUp adding new item when use base document
– PopUp Qty item when use base document
– PopUp validation Expiry Date Item

c. Shows Pick List to every WMS User when “Picker” field is empty or all WMS users.

4. Possibility to add Items and other SUs to already created SU.

5. User interface improved for all of the transactions. For example: Delivery transaction split into more specific transactions: New Delivery, Delivery from Pick List, Sales Order, Draft Delivery, A/R Reserve Invoice. Options added to Workflow Manager.

6. Default Pick & Pack Warehouse option added.

Additionaly, from the version CompuTec WMS 1.4 we are supporting the following functionalities:

1. Semaphor on Inventory Transfer Requests and GRPO and Delivery document drafts. The option allows to define for what period of inactivity a chosen document is assigned to a person who chose it. After that time the document is released and can be chosen by another employee.

2. Speeding up ProcessForce Pick Receipt transaction by possibility to update all of the Batches on document at once instead of each one separately.

3. Custom fields (based on SQL query) added on a Batch form in transactions.

4. Double Stock Counting (in-system and e.g. on printed stock counting lists) adjustment: a possibility to display a message on saving a counting of a specific Batch. A message can be defined by SQL query, providing specific information on a document.

5. Stock Counting update: streamlined workflow, barcode scanning, choosing a window to which the application goes back after saving a Batch.

6. User-Defined Fields: improved UDFs display and setting up process-required fields (fields that are required to fill in before moving on with a transaction.

7. Pick and Pack: speeding up the transaction by adding option to save a document at the end of its creation (not after each step). Also, a possibility to add a Batch to a Warehouse with Bins in the application has been added (previously it was possible only from SAP Business One level).

8. Database version checking and automatic CompuTec WMS objects installation if it is not up to date.

9. Showing Handling Units and Manufacturing Orders only for a specific branch (instead of a whole company).

10. Dispatch Control: Items by package option supported.

11. Generating Goods Receipt PO from A/R Invoices.

12. Handling Unit creator added to Goods Receipt PO transaction.

13. New transactions available: Inventory Transfer Request and Manufacturing Order based Inventory Transfer Request.

14. A possibility to add two custom fields (based on SQL query) on Item row in transactions.

 The application is under constant development based on internal consultations and customer feedback, which results in new functions being added to the application frequently. It is also extremely flexible due to a broad range of custom configuration options. It can be adjusted to suit specific client’s needs: from companies that passes tones of gravel through its warehouse everyday, to the ones that needs a specific information on each and every stone in stock.

 If you need any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact us:

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