10 reasons not to miss the SAP SMB Innovation Summits in 2019

With so many industry events going on around the world, we can’t possibly attend as many as we would like, but the SAP SMB Innovation Summits hold a special place in the CompuTec heart and of course, business strategy. The decision to attend all three Summits once again was an easy one and here are 10 reasons why we recommend you get along to your nearest one too.


1. Location, location, location
In 2019 the three Summits will be held in Bangkok, Thailand (12th-14th March), Nice, France (2nd -4th April) and Orlando, Florida (18th-20th June). Each one has superb international transport infrastructure and is reasonably easy to reach no matter where you are in the world which means that it’s not only easier for you to attend but for everyone to attend so we are looking forward to a great turn out at this year’s events. Plus who in their right mind would turn down an excuse to visit any of these beautiful and fascinating destinations?


2. Innovation, innovation, innovation
These Summits aren’t described as Innovation Summits for nothing. The atmosphere is one literally bursting with ideas and it is always pretty exciting to see what the SAP Business One partner channel has come up with in the preceding year and what is planned both in the near, and more long-term future.


3. Get the latest news
We always come away from the SAP SMB Innovation Summits armed with a wealth of information about the latest trends and challenges that are affecting small and medium-sizes enterprises worldwide which is incredibly useful in our product development strategy. Because there are such a wide variety of participants and attendants, it’s also a great opportunity to hear about industry developments from a variety of different vantage points.


4. Strategize
There is no better opportunity to see the direction of SAP Business One for the future which means it is a great occasion to work out which innovations have value for your business and how to focus on your own strategy going forward. The SAP SMB Innovation Summits are also a great place to discover what has brought success to other Partners around the world, what challenges they are facing and find out about business opportunities for your own business.


5. Do Business
Many a fruitful initiative has been born during the SAP SMB Innovation Summits. With everyone gathered in the one location, it is also great venue to get business deals off the ground, finalize details, hash out sticking points and neutralize doubts in person. The positive atmosphere of the Summits really seems to promote cooperation and drive business and this alone makes them well worth the cost of attending.


6. Hear inspirational speakers
SAP are well-known for arranging top quality speakers at their events and this year is no exception. “The Art of Business Influence – Selling without Selling” by keynote speaker Mark Jeffries is something that has definitely piqued the interest of our sales team.
This year we are also really looking forward to the keynote speech by SUSE whose Linux Enterprise Server is thought of very highly by some of our customers. You can read about CompuTec customer ZELAN’s experience of the platform here.


7. Build relationships and network
CompuTec now has over 80 partners worldwide working out of nearly 300 offices around the world. If we wanted to pop in to say hello to them all once a year, we would probably need two additional staff members just for that, and even then, they would end up pretty exhausted with all the travelling. The SAP SMB Innovation Summits mean that we can catch up with the overwhelming majority of our Partners in three events. They offer us a chance to give and receive feedback, come up with common strategies and initiatives and just spend some time catching up with everyone in our partners’ channel.


8. Get your questions answered
Do you have any burning questions about our products? Or perhaps you need some clarification for your consulting team or a customer? We send the most knowledgeable and experienced members of our team to the SAP SMB Innovation Summits to make sure that we have the answers ready and waiting for those who drop by our stand on the spot.


9. Catch up with SAP
It is also a chance to connect with SAP themselves and find out what they are up to. You can meet the SAP team in person, get to know them and gain all kinds of practical insights from them.


10. Find new partners and vendors
As a software provider we are always looking for competent and motivated businesses to distribute our software and we have had great success in growing our global partner network via the SAP SMB Innovation Summits. Not only is it a good place for us to meet these businesses in the first place, but when you actually meet the business owners and key staff members in person, you can get a much better feel for the company and enter into partnership with greater confidence.
This of course works both ways. It’s also a chance for SAP Business One Partners to find new software vendors to suit their customers and of course, get the measure of each vendor as a company too.


So to sum up, we strongly believe that the SAP SMB Innovation Summits offer real value to us and to our partners and that is why we’ll close with a warm invitation to all our present and potential partners, friends and the merely curious to drop by our stand at any of the events. We sincerely hope to see you there.

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